Another newborn photography session and guess who the little guy is? It’s my nephew at ten days young.

Mommy was telling me what a good sleeper darling nephew was. On the day of our newborn photography session, his sleeping patterned changed. Murphy’s law; baby was wide awake by the time I arrived to the house in Montreal for our newborn photo shoot, so we adapted to the situation. Most new parents are surprised to learn that babies’ eyes are unfocused when they are newborn and look crossed-eyed, but it’s perfectly normal and will align properly as they grow older. However, this means that when the baby is awake, chances are, we get a lot of photos where the eyes look a bit off. Hence you do not see many newborn photos on the web with their eyes wide open. I did manage to get some nice shots of my nephew though. We even got some shots with holiday props.

[wppg_photo_gallery id=”17″]

The nice thing about an on location newborn photography session is that it is very casual. There is no rush to get the baby dressed and travel to a photography studio. The parents are in their own environment and go about their business while I photograph their newborn. This session in particular was extremely casual, as my sister was still in her PJ when I arrived. It was a nice break for mommy, as I set up the posing bag and props and soothe little baby to sleep.

Would you like to book a Newborn Photography session? Contact us for more information or to book your session. Remember to book early as the window of opportunity for those sleepy baby newborn photos is best done the first week after birth.

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