Beautiful Autumn day for an outdoor family lifestyle photo session, right? Actually, it was raining as I was leaving Brossard. Luckily in Beloeil, Quebec, there was no rain for the duration of this family photo session. Mommy jokingly said, had it rained, she would have had the family outside under an umbrella just to have pictures of her adorable daughters in the brand new outfits she had bought just for the photography session.

[wppg_photo_gallery id=”13″]

Aren’t these little fashionistas gorgeous in their shearling coats? I love how the neutral colour compliments their surroundings. Mommy and Daddy aren’t too shabby themselves. The difference in outfits of the parents with those of the children makes the composition a lot more interesting than had they all been wearing the same outfits. Perfect for a family lifestyle photography session, as they all look so natural.

Stay tuned for the twin’s Smash the Cake photography session.

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