Did you miss that “ideal” window of opportunity for baby photos? Everyone talks about that two week window after birth when newborns are most sleepy and malleable, when  posing is a lot easier and those cute cherubic images are more attainable. Once that time frame is past, many will tell you, it’s too late. I tend to agree that it makes it nearly impossible to take those images of sleepy curly babies, but it doesn’t mean you cannot have beautiful baby photos of your little cherub. When it comes to baby photography, it is ALWAYS a good time to get your baby into the studio. Most likely, you would not get the same sleepy curly posed images of your baby at six months old or a year old as those baby photos when he was a newborn but you will still have beautiful images as unique as your little angel.

Little Robert was at my studio a few weeks ago. At six month old, he is a lot more alert than a newborn and what a charmer he is. Indeed, at six months, babies are more alert, are able to hold their heads up and probably sit upright without help, thus giving a wider range of the type of poses and props we can use with them. Of course at six month, those little personalities really shine through and makes your photos most memorable. I just love that debonair smile, little Bobby keeps flashing at me don’t you?

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